Looked at three apartments in

Looked at three apartments in the past day. Put some dough down on one. I hope it goes through – a little more than I wanted to spend and mom and dad will fritz out when I tell them. But it is three blocks from Wrigley Field and minutes from the dance clubs and the bus gets on a block away! And it is close to the Jewel. As my new camfriend in Russia says: ‘On!!!!’ Cross yer fangers.

It is interesting to note the different ‘house smells’ people’s living quarters have. I always think that is one of the most primal elements of our urban living. One of my old friends has a horrendous house smell that has followed him since his college days – I’ve never been able to figure it out. My friend Sterling when we were kids had a house smell that was dry nicotine and abused air conditioning. My friend _____ in high school had a house stench. His house reeked of unkempt kitchen and sweaty cellulite. I’m always very aware of house smell – I think it is from when my mom would barge into my room and declare ‘it smells like kids in here!’ and open the windows and doors to air the place out.

Went dancing last night and had fun terrorizing a straight boy that was trying to choose between dancing with me and his friend Mary – I told him why decide – I’m bisexual and we should just take her home. Hee hee… ___ said he was at Spin last night but he didn’t find me. I did meet David. Note to self: Asking someone if they’re someone you’re looking for is a great way to meet hot guys. I passed by David throughout the night updating him on if I’d found W___ or not. Hee hee… I hope he was the cute boy in a white short sleeved shirt… hmm…

Rehearsal was fun last night but tiring – I’m always amazed at how tired I get – I think it is having to sustain such attention and focus for three hours straight. But it feels good that I know what I’m doing totally. I don’t know how I learned directing and all the stuff that I seem to intuitively know but I’m grateful for’t.






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