Loo Loo Loo

Butters accosts a Raisins Girl.

I’ve got Butters from South Park‘s song in my head:

Loo-loo-loo, I got some apples,
Loo-loo-loo, you got some too,
Loo-loo-loo, let’s make some applesauce,
Take off your clothes and loo-loo-loo.

It makes absolutely no sense but it makes me laugh.






5 responses to “Loo Loo Loo”

  1. […] as crack . . . one little taste and it’s all you can think about . . . Thanks a lot, Andy, for getting this whole thing started!

    Comm […]

  2. […] Since Sam missed the episode (for shame) but made reference to it from the time Andy invoked it, I offer another video from the “Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset” episode […]

  3. hanna Avatar

    Plz, can’t anyone get that song for me please? : kitty_jewel at hotmail dot com
    The loo-loo-song!

  4. Sir Edward Pencoth II Avatar

    fuck fuck fuck i got some niggers
    fuck fuck fuck you got some too
    fuck fuck fuck lets make niggersauce
    break out the whips and fuck fuck fuck

  5. Bud Avatar

    Yeah Does any body know where to get the whole Loo Loo Loo Song?

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