Loew's Hardware Can Go Straight to Hell

Kelmeister linked to Loew’s hardware and got a cease-and-desist notice. Bullocks to that.

The foundation of the internet is that anyone can link to anything at anytime. Without permission. Without asking. If it is publicly available – it is linkable.

What a bunch of douches. And I rarely use that term.

It’s called .htaccess and Allow you stupid dicks.






4 responses to “Loew's Hardware Can Go Straight to Hell”

  1. sam Avatar

    Hm. I say it’s time for another Google Bomb!

  2. palochi Avatar

    As I tried to post over at Kel’s site (but the commenting is down at the moment):

    Their “link agreement” definition is bullshit. There are no “trademark compliance laws” (as defined by any U.S. law) which prevent linking to a website. It’s on the same level as someone saying there’s a law that says Lowes cannot show a commercial that I receive on my TV because they did not contact me for permission.

    Kel isn’t using any trademarked materials in the link usage. No matter how many fancypants forms they come up with, trademark law is not defined by corporations. Not yet, anyway.

    Someone should fire Mr. Trademark Manager and any other legal advisors he uses for customer harassment, poor research skills, and the twisting and abuse of copyright law for corporate interests.

  3. Gigamatt Avatar

    Looks like Kel took it down, along with the link from her original post. Thankfully, I have it archived, and am reposting on my site.

  4. wartun Avatar

    Great job guys…

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