Living It Up In An Elevator

From: Brigitte
Subject: Linda Hamilton Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

It’s 7:45 on a Friday morning. I didn’t have to give Rick a ride to work so
I decided to be at the gym at 6:00. On Lakeshore Drive heading south,
coming out of the curve near the Drake, I dodged a three car accident which
was in the middle 2 lanes and managed to get to the garage at work right at
5:58. Perfect. Ran down the stairs and went to the elevators of the 448
Building and jumped into the open one. Hit Floor 10…Doors Close…and the
elevator begins rocking back and forth making terrible sounds. I press all
buttons and NOTHING. Worse than that, the alarm/intercom keeps breaking up
so I can’t hear the directions the security officer is telling me. Nor can
she understand which elevator I’m in. Cell phone doesn’t work. Finally,
the elevator stops but the doors don’t open. I can hear construction sounds
going on so I start banging on the doors. I try prying the doors open with
my fingers. NOTHING. 45 minutes have passed since I entered the elevator.
FINALLY, I hear someone yelling “Is anyone in there” so I start yelling.
The elevator doors open and I have almost made it to the 10th floor where
the gym is. I have to climb up onto the floor, Mr. Otis Elevator Man helps
me (not cute). Security asks me if I’m okay, which I am. I get to the gym
and realize I have 15 minutes left in my scheduled workout. I jump in the
pool and workout the frustration of my morning by doing 40 laps in 15

Next time, I’d just rather deal with a run in my pantyhose.






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