Listening vs Datamining

In all the hub-bub about the NSA, FBI and God knows who else spying on ordinary American citizens, peace groups and journalists, keep mindful of the use of ‘listening’ or ‘wiretapping’ – Bush says that the US is Not Listening in on Domestic Calls. The hair to split here is an active analyst listening to a call versus diverting the internet backbone or entire swaths of the telephone system directly into the NSA and then datamining it. One is done at the time of surveillance – the other is kept for later analysis.



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3 responses to “Listening vs Datamining”

  1. David Avatar

    How dare you not say thank you to my e-mail.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Well I was going to send a thank you note. But I guess I won’t now. 😛

  3. Legend Avatar

    Once again we are screwed and the blame runs off the Administration’s oily backs due to word choice. Covering their asses. Covering their asses with their FACES

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