Life 600 Feet Below Antarctic Ice


Six hundred feet (183 metres) below the ice where no light shines, scientists had figured nothing much more than a few microbes could exist. A curious shrimp-like creature came swimming by and then parked itself on the camera’s cable. Scientists also pulled up a tentacle they believe came from a foot-long jellyfish.

Nerd caveat:

Technically, it’s not a shrimp. It’s a Lyssianasid amphipod, which is distantly related to shrimp.

And of course ‘dumb it down’ with aliens talk:

[If] shrimp-like creatures can frolic below 600 feet (183 metres) of Antarctic ice in subfreezing dark water, what about other hostile places? What about Europa, a frozen moon of Jupiter?

What about just appreciating a scientific discovery on it’s own merits and not having to make everything about HURF DURF ROSWELL.

via 6NASA catches a shrimp – Yahoo! Canada News.






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