Legalizing Tyranny

I couldn’t get to sleep last night thinking about the torture/detention legislation that got scared through Congress yesterday.

We are a country ruled by a President who has seized the power to break the law in multiple ways while virtually nothing is done about it. Yesterday, we formally vested the power in the President to abduct people and put them in prisons for life without so much as charging them with any crime and by expressly proclaiming that they have no right to access any court or tribunal to prove their innocence.






3 responses to “Legalizing Tyranny”

  1. Joe Avatar

    I’ve said it before and every day I mean it more. This administration and Republican run Congress just makes me so sad and disgusted. I can’t take any more years of it and am seriously considering moving away from the U.S.

  2. Jocko Avatar

    AND…if you think this can’t happen to you as an American citizen, think again. Habeas corpus dates to what, 1305, to the reign of King Edward I and it’s NOW something the Bush administration just wants to trash. It’s beyond sad, it’s damn shameful.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Yup. The big key with this applying to American citizens is:

    If they say you are an enemy combatant – then you are – and you have no protections at all.

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