Left work ultra-early yesterday –

Left work ultra-early yesterday – hell it’s Christmas week right? Trying to avoid a 1-5 meeting today that I’m not invited to and scared I’ll be roped into it… argh… I hate meetings. I always worry about having anxiety attacks in meetings. Did session one of structural integration – a ten session massage program that is basically where they rip your body apart and put it all back together again. I’ve always noticed that when I breath that my abdomen expands more on the left than on the right – well after this massage I was breathing evenly, my shoulders weren’t rolling forward and I was standing evenly on both feet. It is intense work. Pretty painful. But it is a slow, deep tissue pressure – kind of a burning. The one part that was really really intense was the hamstrings – I think because it is such a long muscle so you know that when he starts at the knee he has to work all the way to the hip before it’s all over. And it is slow. But this is supposed to help reclaim my body from 25 years of dance training, working out, piano study, anxiety and other turmoils – so I think it is going to be worth it.






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