Laura Bush meets the sex bloggers

From Mark Morford on Laura Bush's recent admission that she's pro-gay and pro-choice: "But just so we're clear on some details- oh sweet- pitiable Laura: You had- back in 2000- two young- party-riffic twentysomething daughters- you were- for better or worse- the default role model for women everywhere- you were the emblem for female freedom and feminine empowerment to a hundred nations- and you… did whatnow? Lied outright? Lived in quiet denial? Slaughtered your own core beliefs? Kept your second-class Southern wife mouth shut tight and sat by quietly while the men did the "real" thinking? You sacrificed your own daughters to the sweaty altar of Karl Rove and the fundamentalist anti-choicers? You did a violent disservice- even outright harm- to women the world over- for nearly a decade. You helped allow virulent homophobia to rage in the nation and in your own husband's tiny soul- when you were in an insanely unique- privileged position to a stand- even a modest one- …

Laura Bush meets the sex bloggers





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