Laura Bush Ain't That Funny

Boy, making jokes about what an illiterate dipshipt our president is sho is funny.






2 responses to “Laura Bush Ain't That Funny”

  1. adbak Avatar

    Ironically it’s funny how this is funny when it comes from the First Lady. Making fun of the president has been around for a long time, but when it’s repackaged and delivered by the First Lady it’s HILARIOUS! The media can’t seem to get enough of this nor enough of being Bush’s lapdogs.

  2. Aaron Avatar

    Well, hooooo-dawgie, ya know, the Prez himself made fun of his incorrect grammar, malapropisms, and bad pronunciations just to take the wind outta us mean ol’ liberals’ sails, so he could appropriate that (undesirable) part of himself FOR himself. (“See, I already made fun of it…so I beat ya to it. THERE! Nucular…Nucular”)

    But now that he’s gotten all the mileage he can out of that, his cross-eyed meth-head wife has to step in and intercede for him, just to remind us stuffy ol’ Americans that he’s FUNNY, gosh-darnit. Not an apocalyptic, greedy, oil-mad, power-mad bully…

    Just FUNNY.


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