Latest news is they might

Latest news is they might instituting a dress code at work. Now that’s a really good fucking idea. Not sure exactly what is supposed to happen – I don’t think a dress code is going to get back our 2.2 (buh-buh-buh) billion loss this year. That and they deployed the employee survey on line and the servers crashed (no one thought of staggered deployment??) and one lady unknowingly emailed the CEO of the company for tech support. Duh. Spent the morning wrestling with MS Access reports.

I get to rewrite a scene of the show tonight because an actor can’t make the tech rehearsal. WHAT?! Final tech and you can’t be there. I have to excise the scene with gunfire because we won’t be able to rehearse the scene and I’m not about to have un-rehearsed live gunplay onstage. That’s just asking for it. This actor is doing his best to make sure I never hire him again.

So very sleepy. Just ate half a can of honey roasted peanuts – I needed something sweet to get me through. Almost time for another chicken sandwich. YEAH!






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