Latest Hipster Fad: Artisan Butchering Parties

The latest romanticizing of blue-collar skills is here: artisanal butchering:

He is one of a handful of young practitioners across the country who are staging bacchanalian “butcher parties,” where they bring whole carcasses — from rabbits to steer — to bars, hang them up, take them apart, and cook them while wide-eyed partyers wash down the resultant meaty snacks with cocktails and beer. In a trend piece, the New York Times called both Farr and Mylan part of a cadre of “Rock Star Butchers,” and Mylan says “dozens” of television producers have approached him about a reality TV series based in his shop. “It’s a fashion trend of the most hollow and irritating sort,” Mylan says. “That sort of hyperbole just doesn’t make sense to me.”


“The classes are for the hands-on, face-to-face educational part. The parties are to have fun and to educate people at the same time, but it’s not in a scholastic environment,” he says. “You know, people are doing shots.”


But this, according to Mylan, is exactly the problem. “It’s kind of sending a message like, animals are like strippers, or animals are like whores.”

Meathead fad? The rock star butcher






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