Larry King: Sit Up Straight

Was Larry King a great interviewer at one time? I’m watching his interview with Jon Stewart and King has all the charm of James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio (does anyone else notice that Lipton seems to put the same foundation makeup on his lips that he does on his face so his lips are beige?). When King laughs at Stewart and looks at the crew it just seems sort of creepy. Is King a function of his past interviews and access?







5 responses to “Larry King: Sit Up Straight”

  1. sam Avatar

    He’s worthless.

  2. Spencer Avatar

    larry king is unspeakably horrible.

  3. David Avatar

    Larry King is there because of his lingevity. Maybe he was good once but he’s just weird now. But he’s the only guy that will bring on Connie Stevens, Jane Russell and Ann-Margret so I gotta like the guy.

  4. David Avatar

    Um, I meant LONGevity…

  5. kritique Avatar

    Larry King makes me sick! He obviously wanted Scott Peterson to get off, to get away with murdering his wife. Maybe it has something to do with Larry’s many many divorces, and his current unhappy marriage.

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