La La La I Can't Hear You

Add to the piece about hiding the caskets:

Media seeking to cover a [soldier]’s funeral found themselves limited by
new Pentagon regulations that went into effect on Thursday. The new guidelines
state that “reporters are no longer permitted to stand at the rear of the
mourners during the service,” and microphones “are not permitted ? anywhere
near the grave site.” The Pentagon says it is merely trying to protect the
privacy of the families of the fallen soldiers. But the new rules have some
reporters wondering whether it is just the latest move by the Bush administration
to limit
coverage of casualties of the war
in Iraq.

American officials are demanding an
exclusion zone
round the president, while the London mayor wants to keep
the city as “open as possible”. Police are planning a ?4m security operation
to cope with an estimated 100,000 anti-war protesters.






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