Kellog Madness

I have eaten an entire box of Special K with Strawberries in the last 12 hours.

That is all.

Further bulletins as events warrant.






5 responses to “Kellog Madness”

  1. J.P. Avatar

    Is that healthy? Wow the fiber. Whoosh.

  2. J.J. Avatar

    Must be this Chicago deep freeze that’s driving us to such madness; I did exactly the same thing with a big bag of Clamato chips yesterday…

  3. Dan Rugs Inc. Avatar
    Dan Rugs Inc.

    Comfort food mac- and cheese .Read Martha Stewart or visit the web site…..for much more…..

  4. JB Avatar

    “That is all” as in “That is all I’ve eaten in 12 hours” or as in “That is all I have to say”?

  5. Brigitte Avatar

    Special K now comes in CHOCOLATE.
    That is all.

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