John Edwards Gets $400 Haircuts

From (I decided to try and read ‘the other side’ tonight – I started at

Well, John Edwards’ campaign for president spent $400 on February 20, and another $400 on March 7, at a top Beverly Hills men’s stylist, Torrenueva Hair Designs.

The expensive haircut is, of course, a perennial. Bill Clinton got zinged for getting a cut from Cristophe, and Hillary was found at one point to have buried a stylist on her campaign payroll.

I don’t get it. A stylist should be on the campaign roll. This is like having a graphic designer or a speech coach.

No one complains about the pharmacy they installed in the White House to service the sedating needs of the administration.

This is a conundrum for liberals/progressives. If you are financially successful then everyone throw it in your face if you have a nice house or spend too much money on haircuts. If you’re a fiscal conservative, people just assume your an asshole and don’t care about anyone else.






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