Jobs and Defense

Something I forgot to mention last night with regard to Why We Fight is the one thing I hadn’t really realized before. That wrapped up in our military-industrial-congressional-thinktank ecosystem there is another force that keeps us anchored in a ‘war footing.’ Jobs. The manufacturing of defense products and bombs and uniforms – all of the sundries needed for an empire – engages thousands of American jobs every day. So the politicians want to keep the jobs to keep the votes to stay in for another term so they vote for the legislation that preserves the jobs that create the weapons that we use to reinforce our Exceptionalism to get the oil and drain the economic and natural resources of the rest of the world.






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  1. Fr. John O'Bryan Avatar
    Fr. John O’Bryan

    Government has always used the idea of jobs and personnal kickback to justify bad behavior.We’ll move the Indians to the OK where thay will have land.We will give the people freedom of the road and rip up the trolley tracks in most towns.As Hilter invaded Poland they drove Ford Tanks.The Capitalist society makes money by charging more and giving less.i.e. the 16 oz can of beans is 14 1/2 oz.Inthe novel “1984” the world was always in war..To stop war now stop making products of war……..we have always sold the enemy bombs and bullets that they shoot back at us!!

  2. HamActor Avatar

    The unemployment rate is also manipulated — currently through the outsourcing of jobs — to create a class of people who have no economic options but to go to war. Every war is born from economic fear.

  3. Spencer Avatar

    i can’t wait to see this film.

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