If all goes well I’ll have a job very, very soon. It’s as definite as it can be without signing a contract – so I’m still not totally saying I’ve got it. It’s one of the few companies on this planet I’d ever really want to work for – this company and Google. I am very, very excited at this great opportunity. Small tech company, visionary… one of the guys that runs it is one of my personal models – a guy that’s created a business and company that he can run from anywhere on the planet. And the pay is fantastic. Did I say the pay is fantastic? It is. I’m was jumping around the apartment cheering I’m so excited.

I couldn’t stop giggling on the treadmill today as I thought about Ben and J. Lo roasting to death in their own fat (see previous entry). That and my

Ran into Timmy on my way back from the gym – hadn’t seen him in years. He’s from the dark years where I partied alot while being ripped off for $11K.






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  1. danoin Avatar

    that’s called the stupid tax-life lesson are long and costly,…………….danoin

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