Jim Perdue Dies

I remember when Karen and I were watching a Perdue chicken commercial on TV and she turned to me and said:

Jim Perdue kills chickens for a living.

I’d never really thought of it like that. I wonder if there’s a billion chicken-daemons in purgatory pecking at his soul as he struggles to get through the pearly gates. Disclaimer: I love chicken and frequently buy Perdue chicken for baking/frying.

Jim Perdue : Chicken :: Dick Cheney : Oil

Much like I sometimes picture Dick Cheney vomiting crude or feasting on the charred carcasses of Iraqi children, I picture Jim Perdue and elevators full of chicken blood (a la The Shining).

Meanwhile, we’ve moved from one death watch to another. Schiavo to Pope John Paul II.

Are there any Nietzche readers out there? I’m trying to remember some quotes about how Christianity glorifies suffering and finds nobility in poverty and I think his point was that was a control to keep the great unwashed in check.

I’m reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – it is really good!

Off to the cafe to clean out the inbox, read some more of Problem from Hell and get the coming week organized.






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  1. palochi Avatar

    Wrong Perdue, Andy. It was Jimbo’s daddy Frank (the original owner) who went to the big eviscerating machine in the sky.

    I’ve met Jim Perdue through a previous job. He’s actually kind of a nice guy.

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