James Howard Kunstler: A Future Without Cars

That’s the background on our energy predicament. Against this background is the whole question of how we live in the United States. I wrote three books previously about the fiasco of suburbia. There are many ways of describing it, but lately I refer to it as the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world. Why? Because it is a living arrangement with no future. Why doesn’t it have a future? Because it was designed to run on cheap oil and gas, and in just a few years we won’t have those things anymore.







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  1. JB Avatar

    Ah, good old Clusterf*ck Nation. Cheap is right. Something like $50 to fill a damn big Jeep Liberty’s tank, the equivalent of $80 for me in my little car back here.

    I noticed a lot of Prius IIs in California – I heard recently it costs more energy-wise to build those than a normal car, enough to make an exercise in pointlessness. Not sure how accurate that is though.

    The lack of diesel use in the US is peculiar to me. Today I noticed a Ford Fiesta TDCi in front of me on the road – I didn’t see a single car of such a small size with such an economical engine anywhere in the US. Bizarre – if the US really wants to use less fuel it’s not like the technology isn’t right here, right now.

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