It's Raining White Women

The second Charlie’s Angels movie is awesome. I had a great time watching it and will probably go see it again. Ron and I had had a minor squabble over me dragging him downtown early to see a (cheaper) matinee but we melted to giggles in the first scene with Cameron Diaz as a snowbunny tart on a mechanical bull in Mongolia.

What I love most about the film is it’s insatiable appetite for depicting and the instantly discarding every pop culture idiom possible. One after another, Bond Film, Monster Trucks, Motor cross, Surfer Movie, Hollywood Premier… the design of the film must have been a sheer joy with the constant parade of costumes and sets in dozens of styles and moods. it’s like the director (I still think it’s pretentious to call yourself McG) was trying to catalog the last 30 years of music video and pop cinema in one 2 hour movie.

Granted, the story is a stinker and makes very little sense. Don’t even invest emotional weight in the story. Just enjoy the ride.

The combat is fantastic – just like in the first film. It’s funny that for all the improbabilities of the combat shown there is still a very human grunt and pain behind each kick and blow that The Matrix Reloaded sorely missed (again, if Neo could just fly away why didn’t he at the beginning of the Night of 100 Smiths?).

Plus, it’s fun to see gender rolls turned around upside down, fulfilled and then deflated simultaneously.

After 28 Days Later, I offered Ron to sneak into Charlie’s Angels to see it again – oh he was pissed that he’d sat through 28 Days Later! He was mad! He didn’t have to go either but, of course, does not recognize that I have sat through interminably long romantic ‘comedies’ on his behalf.

And the character of Shamus O’Grady is my new model for my workouts. He’s played by Justin Theroux – the freaky director from Mullholland Drive – lean guy with a ripped body. Why do carbs taunt me so? Actually I’ve been doing fine nutrition and workout-wise. I’m not burning myself out about things – just trying to eat as many whole foods as possible and keep sugar rushes to a minimum. I just devoured my first Hershey Bar in a week and a half – I figure we’re gonna go out dancing tonight for three hours or so, so it’ll be alright.

We danced last night at Roscoe’s and the bars are packed. The air is thick with the stench of Ultra Lite beer and pomade. We haven’t been to Hydrate yet – the transformed Manhole club… we’ve heard great reviews and no to great reviews. It is strange to me that the owners didn’t have a soft opening a week or so ago… the guys we’d talk to that had gone said things weren’t finished on the interior and the staff wasn’t very nice. Plus, the crowd hasn’t settled in yet on who should and shouldn’t be there. One suggestion is that it was going to turn into a tedious martini bar. I don’t understand that at all… what is there to be pretentious about – you’re still in a bar in Chicago.






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