It's Not That Bad

Ever return to something you wrote years and years ago and just knew that it was going to be less than you’d remembered? I started my dive back into Antigone to update my adaptation of the Greek tragedy for a production this fall in Columbus. I just knew that the play would show it’s age. It was a product of the Clinton years and I was skittish about seeing what topical stuff I’d included that dated it.

I read through it and it was pretty damned good! I had forgotten a lot of the imagery I’d used and was sort of surprised at how effective I thought it was. An embarrasing amount of typos though that I will be weeding out. I remain mortified when I mess up you’re and your – I’m sure regular blog readers are annoyed as well.

Only one scene looks to need a overhaul – a McLaughlin Group-like parody that will probably be re-constituted as a O’Reilly Factor shoutfest. As I’d written before – the political situations of Antigone and her family do not translate well to the current American adminsitration so I won’t be making as many obvious comments as I first thought I could’ve. Antigone is really about the morality of our duty to tradition and the laws of the gods versus the laws of humans. That has nothing to do with a militarist imperialist imperative.






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  1. andrew from l Avatar
    andrew from l

    Perhaps America has moved from the Athens of Bill Clinton to the Sparta of George Bush?

  2. Andy Avatar

    I always connect American culture to the Romans – they essentially pillaged Greek’s culture, added violence and bloodsport and become imperialist assholes.