It's a Cerda!

Had a dream with Dave Cerda in it last night. We were co-directing a play, I think. Or I was watching a run-thru to give feedback.

First scene was some kind of musical number to Don’t Leave Me This Way (thanks, Vonz).

Second scene the entire stage opened up and the far left, right and upstage walls were carved foam to look like stone panels. Simple bordered engravings. The stage was bathed in yellow (daisy-yellow) light and gossamer curtains descended from the flies, flush against each wall.

Then an offstage fan was blowing from stageright and the curtains moved just a little bit in this manufactured breeze. The folks watching the preview all ooohed and aaahed when the curtains started moving because it was so serene.

Cerda and I were mentally high-fiving.






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  1. David Avatar

    I am so there!

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