It won't last:Gary Coleman: 'I've

It won’t last:

Gary Coleman: “I’ve come up with the policy that, come 2001, I’ll answer no more questions [about Dif’rent Strokes]. We’re in the 21st century here,” he said. The 32-year-old actor, whose next movie is “The Flunky” with Dean Stockwell, does not even watch much television anymore. Instead, the sometime security guard occupies himself with model trains, DVDs, video games and the Internet, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

People call this news. Jesus Christ. That’s like Darva Conger refusing to talk about how abused she was with the whole millionaire thing. We don’t want to talk about it either. Until there’s a new documentary series Coleman’ll shut the fuck up. But once there’s a new spin-off of True Hollywood Story he’ll be there ready to be trotted out for the freak show once again.






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