It is Friday night/Saturday morning.

It is Friday night/Saturday morning. I just got in. Probably shouldn’t’ve gone out dancing tonight since I have to be at the theatre tomorrow from 7 to 2pm followed by Lords of Acid in concert from 7:30 to God knows when and then I might even go dancing at Circuit too. Good God. Am I just determined to wear myself out? Karen and I had a fun day driving all over creation getting furniture and buying last minute props – Carrie got into the space to do the prelim lighting plot. Josh is bringing in sound tomorrow morning. I have the press pics and rehearsal pics almost scanned and compressed and I’ll upload ’em soon, I swear. Roscoe’s was fun tonight (Thai) Chris was there. He’s such a cutie-pie and a total Andy Fanatic he loves the hair on my chest (we all want what we don’t have, don’t we?) and was telling Nick how sexy I was – Nick is thinking to himself: ‘you’re not going home with him – it ain’t gonna happen’. I could sell his sweet smooth asian ass online all day. He’s a dot-com waiting to happen. Scooby the bartender asked how the plays were doing – he remembered me! – he’s the one that always gives me a free bottle of water when I’m coming off the dance floor – sometimes we’ll do shots together too. Came home this evening and took a long nap and woke up and was very excited about the plays. There is so much still to do but it is crazy to think that by this time next week we will have had our first audience. I hope we break even. I hope I break even. Auf wiedersehn.






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