It is 3:26 am. Just

It is 3:26 am. Just got in from clubbin’. It was a bad night to dance. I just wasn’t in the mood – my feet were sore from all the walking around Erik and I did and I just wasn’t in the mood to be in a mass of sweaty shirtless guys. Saw one of the Chrises and none of the Matts, a Todd and Richard. During the mix of ‘I Turn To You’ Richard is singing it to me and part of me just thinks: ‘Actually Richard, you didn’t.’

The play I saw was boring. I was there mostly to block Antigone in my head and see if it would fit in that theatre. It was a play about lesbians raising sons. The play sorta went splat against the wall and didn’t really develop a whole lot. And the devices and conventions of the play kept the characters from truly interacting with eachother. Everything was once removed… we’re talking in horror movie stylization, I’m talking to you through a Super 8 camera, we’re talking but not in the same time plane. Sort of like that’s the huge problem with the musical of The Secret Garden is that so many of the songs the characters aren’t singing to eachother.

Oh and the Rants links weren’t working this afternoon. Hopefully that has been fixed – if not here are direct links: Rant #1, Rant #2. I wrote these two essays in South Carolina on vacation with my family – I think the serene sand and sunshine was just getting under my skin and I had to lash out.






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