Indiana BMV to Ban Clocks

This is so damned stupid:

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is taking a timeless approach to customer satisfaction. Literally. The bureau is hiding from sight all clocks in its 153 license branches statewide. "Often times customers feel they are in line longer than they are," said bureau Spokesman Greg Cook. "It’s the whole ‘watched pot never boils’ thing."

Don’t fire slow clerks. Don’t spend money on streamlining processes. Just hide the clocks. Because if you hide the clocks – you control time!






10 responses to “Indiana BMV to Ban Clocks”

  1. palochi Avatar

    This sounds like an interesting plot idea for the new Doctor Who series:

    Doctor: “Rose, we’re going to visit someplace very awful and quite frightening where they’ve learned to control time in an evil manner. They must be stopped before they destroy the universe!”

    Rose: “Where, Doctor? The Dalek Homeworld? The Cybermen Empire? That mall in Cardfiff where you bought your new suit?”

    Doctor: “I’m afraid it’s much worse…”

    Rose: “Worse than the Cardiff Outlet Mall?!”

    Doctor: “Yes. A deviously hellish place called… The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles!”

  2. Gigamatt Avatar

    GEEK! I love it, though. Seems to me I’ve heard about somewhere else doing that recently. If I think of it, I’ll post.

  3. tim Avatar

    Maybe by hiding thermometers they can also control the temperature. It sure is hot here.

  4. Ron Avatar

    It sure would be a lot smarter if they located some special clocks that actually ran FAST. Then everyone would be happy, and the BMV people would wind up going home early, which is probably where they belong.

  5. Boxrs N Sox Avatar

    LOL… this whole concept is hilarious. I was born and raised in Indiana, but moved to Missouri four years ago. Removing the clocks from the BMV offices so that no one will be able to tell what time it is brings the whole battle about daylight savings time vs. Indiana time to mind.

    What time is it in Indiana.

    Sorry I just could not resist.

  6. Angela Avatar

    And I suppose they’ll do a strip serch of everyone who comes in to make sure they have no watches or other hidden temporal devices….

  7. kc Avatar

    I think it’s mighty courageous of the Indiana BMV to borrow a page from Vegas. 😉

  8. G White Avatar
    G White

    Everyone walks into the BMV with a clock in their hand – their cell phone. How will hiding the clocks keep us from knowing how slow they are?

  9. J.A.B Avatar

    They close the BMV in my town and make me drive 15-20 miles to another. THey make you stand outside in the cold while 50-75 people ahead of you crowd into a tiny little building. Mitch Daniels can kiss my cold ass.

  10. J.A.B Avatar

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the 2+ hour wait to be waited on. Mitch Daniels can continue kissing my ass. I hope all the Republicans are happy with this jerk.

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