In the Company of Men

Ron and I had gone to the bar Midnight Sun last Monday to meet one of his flight attendant buddies for drinks along with his usual assortment of Monday evening drinking buddies. That one Colton Ford music video was playing and it seemed like everyone was much taller than we were (are?).

Everyone in SF is so skinny. And even the guys that are really muscular are still pretty narrow. Ron and I  can barely fit side-by-side down the street. It is like the whole city has never done a shoulder press.

We later had dinner at Firewood and I wished we’d gotten home early. I hate wrecking my sleep schedule from the very beginning of the week.

Saturday night we went to a party hosted by some of the guys from this Monday gathering. The house was atop a hill overlooking the city and it was very carnivorous. By that I mean, you descended the stairs from the main entrance into the dining room and kitchen and 40 pairs of male eyes sweep across you. Our new dentist was there as well – I still have to go to him. Ron went Friday. We stayed at the party for probably 3 or 4 hours and I drank five glasses of margarita – well small plastic glasses filled with ice. I had a loose grip on my drink and a bump of a passerby made me drop my cup which was embarrassing but I doubt anybody noticed. Ron was bright red, flushed with the blood of Tequila (this was a Cinco de Mayo celebration – on Derby Day).

It is interesting how everyone really wants you to love San Francisco. We mention we’re from Chicago and they are just positive that I’m completely in love with the city already and will never ever leave. I really don’t love the city yet. Don’t know if I will. I’m enjoying the weather. The homeless problem here is pretty startling. But I’m used to smelling urine in public at least once a day since I used to live in Chicago. The cable cars are fun but packed with freaks (‘Oh! That’s so San Francisco!’). The train is much better though.

I do miss not living in a ‘real’ neighborhood. The area we’re in is pretty much a ghost-down on the weekends (even Starbucks and McDonald’s are closed on Saturday and Sunday). It is all high-rises.  For now it is fine. Don’t know if we can have the best of all worlds: near work, near the train for Ron and legitimate non-mono-culture neighborhood.

Our computer desk arrived on Friday. A dented corner from delivery and a discussion that ended in decided to not send it back. That was ameliorated when we scored computer chairs. The Sharper Image near the gym is closing (another sign of an economic downturn – luxury stores going out of business) and so we found chairs built for gamers: left and right hand speakers in the chair-back, a sub-woofer underneath, plug into and iPod, wireless plug into our computer’s audio output. We got them for 66% off. They are pretty comfortable, too. Downy has decided to make Ron’s his night-time sleeping post.

After the party on Saturday we ventured down into the city to N Touch, a gay asian club. I’d been there once before. An amazingly sexy shirtless asian bartender greated us on the way in with a hot ripped body, goattee and ballcap. A white stripper – or I guess go-go boy – danced on a platform nearby – a little too bouncy for me – but nice body and he had one of Ron’s friends at Defcon 1. Another asian/latino stripper on the other side of the bar – though he may have been dancing a bit too long. He was next to me as I ordered a drink and smelled a little ripe.

The club started off pretty  empty but packed quickly and the most fun was Ron and I were dancing when Amber’s song ‘Sexual’ – the ‘dee, dee-di-dee’ song – came on. This was a song back from when Ron and I were first dating. Or maybe it was ‘lee, lee-lah-lee’ – I never could tell.

Yesterday was Sunday and we went to Costco and scored another 2-week’s worth of meat: tilapia, chicken, steak, pork. Ron prepped pork adobo for dinner (though I think I still like chicken adobo better). We also were pleased to get another round of mangoes that are actually already pretty ripe and very good. I am really starting to like manoges. There was lots of brown rice at Costco but no jasmine and a warning that we could only buy 2 bags of rice per visit. A very tiny echo of the global food crisis here in one of the most abundant and expensive cities in the country.

Astro is sitting on the desk. Ron is asleep. Downy is not in sight – probably in one of the closets enjoying being ensconced.

I started training Ron on problogging last night and he’s really getting into it. Once he has his stuff up, we’ll link to it. He hates that I answer every question with ‘Maybe’ or ‘Yes and No.’ Yes, you can do just about anything you want with a blog. No, it is always going to be a trade-off between flexibility and ease-of-use. Yes, we all want it both ways.






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  1. Steve Avatar

    I’m with you…. We moved here from Chicago a couple of years ago (used to live on Halsted street in Chicago) – and I really dislike San Francisco. (stupid old victorian houses, the smell of bum pee everywhere, and the boys in chicago were much nicer and cuter) But since we’re both a big tech companies – this is the place to be…. sigh…..

  2. Jason F. Avatar
    Jason F.

    Hey Andy –

    I’ve read your blog on and off for a couple of years, but must have missed the news that you moved. Congrats!

    As a Lakeview resident, I’ll miss your entries about Chicago and boystown. Do you know other blogs by Chicago boys?

    By the way, I’m reading your Blog Wild book. I found an “advance uncorrected proofs” copy while browsing the stacks at Brown Elephant.

    Anyway, good luck with everything!

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