In Praise of Aggressive Women

I’m very lucky to have many Aggressive Women as friends and colleagues. I’m not sure if aggressive is the right term. Assertive? Unfluffy? Ballbusters? Nah.

One of my buddies yesterday told me that she is my new pricing coach and all product pricing must be approved through her. She’s a bit irked at my too-affordable product pricing and is calling me to the carpet to realize Andy’s Got a Book so prices must be increased – and that folks will pay for it.
I think it is the residual dynamic of growing up with my sister who doesn’t take shit off anyone and is shrewd and smart and a total business badass (Did I tell ya she built a packed massage practice in 18 months? From no clients to 2 month waiting list? I am still in awe of her.). I think I respond to women bossing me around.

I just like when folks assign themselves to my life. It cracks me up.






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  1. Old friend Avatar
    Old friend

    I would like to believe I fit in this category- although it doesn’t sound like I am quite as successful as your sister. Does bossing your kids around and being a top seller in a home business count?

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