I'm gonna lose it. Now

I’m gonna lose it. Now that it is warm many of the women at work are wearing flip-flip type sandals in the office. You hear them coming and going and circling and flipping and flopping – it is maddening. That and whenever my co-worker Jeff mixes up his yogurt. He doesn’t open it up and stir it with a spoon – he violently throttles the Dannon making a moist and icky slapping sound. I’m going nuts.

i won’t bitch about the weather i won’t bitch about the weather i won’t bitch about the weather IT IS SO FUCKING HOT JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN!

Shhh: I’m gonna try and get out of work early today so I can play a little bit. I’ve packed shorts and sunscreen in my backpack. Shhh…

Even if I don’t leave early – the idea that I could has seemed to brighten my morning – that and it’s Fat Day so I can eat anything I want. I’m tempted to stay on the eating plan for today but I know I’m crashing it with Jim tonight at Ervwin’s so might as well make a day of it right?

Totally loving this ShoutCast stream.






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