I'll Soon Be There With Snow

(the pictures are from earlier today – it’s gotten a lot thicker – I’ll try and take more pics on the morrow)

Barry Avenue on January 5, 2005.

Since today’s snow storm is still in the oh look it’s snowing and isn’t it grand! phase, I’m out and about. At the cafe, going to go to Dominicks on the way back and stock up on food. Took a long nap this evening. Ron might not get to go to Hawaii on Friday – he and some friends are going for four days. People keep asking me if I’m jealous (I couldn’t get off work) and I say Nope! I’m happy he’ll be outta my hair for a few days. I’m in the middle of polishing my blogging ebook and seminar so the more long stretches of uninterrupted time the better. Someone here is wearing sandalwood – I wonder where my vial of that is. I always like that scent.

Barry Avenue on January 5, 2005.

I’ve been doing the Abs Diet workout program the past two weeks. The diet has been iffy – but I’ve really fallen for circuit training. I find doing one exercise after another keeps me from being bored and keeps me from holding back on a set thinking this is my first of five sets. Currently I’m doing two complete circuits. I’ll start doing three eventually. Plus, I think it increases the cardio side of the weight training since I’m going from exercise to exercise. Still working out the right poundages. When I do the Abs Diet diet – which is essentially high-fiber, high-protein and low-processed sugar – I feel great. I’m as regular as a fascist’s trains.

I just got done writing my review of Brigitte’s play – now I’m trying to dig up my new years resolutions from last year and do a yearly report.

Barry Avenue on January 5, 2005.






4 responses to “I'll Soon Be There With Snow”

  1. Jef Avatar

    I did the Abs Diet last summer and it worked great. (I did take November and December off.) I think it’s the most sensible diet out there right now. It uses real food and makes you aware of everything that is used in processing foods that shouldn’t be in our bodies. I noticed that I feel better when I follow the guidelines, which aren’t difficult.

    I may do a total WeHo Mark and start posting my stats on my blog. That’s so gay!

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Mark is Gay!? How queer! I had no idea!

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