IAMA 24 8-year olds (3rd grade class) : IAmA

3rd grade teacher takes questions from Reddit and has their class of 24 eight-year-olds answer. Q: What do you worry about the most? Student 1: I worry that my family will have enough food at night. Student 2: I worry that my dad will try to take me again. Student 3: I worry about my brother and his pills. Student 4: I worry about the gangs next door to my house. Student 5: I worry that Cartoon Network won't work anymore. Student 6: I worry that Mr. F will not come to school one day.

IAMA 24 8-year olds (3rd grade class) : IAmA

Hey reddit- Talked with the mods a while back and they gave me permission to do an AMA with the 24 8-year olds of my third grade class. A little bit …





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