I think that I'm turning

I think that I’m turning into a content snob. Or maybe content cunt. I love saying the word cunt – trying to divorce it of it’s power – but part of the problem is the actual sound of the word is nasty – sort of like MOIST or NIBLET – like a big PINK PART (capitalizations to benefit Brigitte). I dunno. I just have so little patience anymore for barriers between me and the information I want to know. I think that is one reason I’m such a nazi about the s________ website. I want to have everything on the first page. No splash page. Nothing flying or fucking around. Content. Hill there’s only one GIF on the whole goddamn page. I guess this also expalins my blog template. I guess my brain likes a sitemap from the outset. I’m not scared of big websites. Show me all you got. I’ll decide from click one. Maybe I just don’t want to baby users. Maybe I’m a control freak.

My new favorite log by-line is from Uber: “Better than you, daily.” Fucking rocks!






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