I seem to have become

I seem to have become a clotheshorse. I don’t know how it happened. I am trying to fit all of my laundry in my closet and dresser and it simply is not working. Maybe it was a gradual process. Maybe it’s because of having to have so many looks (corporate, Gen X @ work, boybarboi, yuppification, gym rat). It is interesting to me how my dress has changed as I’ve aged. I went through a major all black – all the time phase in high school. I wore a black trench coat for about a year and a half (shades of Columbine?). I think I’ve become more mainstreamed in my wardrobe as I’ve considered taking my wild creative side underground so I can spy on ‘normal’ people. People see my plays and expect a multi-pierced, tattoo-ed guy. Then they see simple, clean-cut me. I guess I just keep all my tattoos and piercings on the inside.

Came home early today and went to bed for about three hours. Amazing what a nap can do. Went to Caribou Coffee for green tea and reading Wired. Saw Lonnie – I told him he should come see my plays. He said, “Oh, you have a studio or a one bedroom.” I said, “No, my plays. My theatre production.” He stumbled a little bit – it was funny. Like when I was in love with Kate and I tried to say the word ‘bread-baking’ and instead I said ‘bed-breaking’. I am up at 1:27 on a Monday night/Tuesday morn! I have almost relegated all the laundry to a neat hiding place. Tomorrow we tech for episode two of Sinister. It should go a little smoother now that we’ve had one episode under our collective belts.

Talked to a speech pathologist about any preparations for my tonsillectomy and she said just make sure they use the smallest intubation possible and are ultra-careful around the vocal folds. She said that unless they remove the adenoids my resonance shouldn’t change all that much and my voice should be back in shape in a couple of weeks. That’s good to hear. I’m starting a mass-gaining diet until the surgery since afterwards I’ll probably just be drinking protein shakes or cottage cheese and then I’ll go low carb for a couple of weeks.






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