I have a crazy friend

I have a crazy friend name Elizabeth who stopped a party once with a story about how when she was out west on a ranch doing some kind of wacky service project her and her cronies would smear butter on their mouths and kiss eachother. Like having a maw full of fat mandates sharing said maw with cronies. Ick.

She’s the reason that today my blog is called ‘sometimes my arms bend back’ which for all of you Twin Peaks fans out there know that is a line from the famous dream sequence where Laura Palmer hints to the circumstances of her death. Elizabeth said that when she was a summer camp her bunkmate would wait till it was really quite and dark and then softly screech ‘someti-i-i-imes my-y-y arms b-e-n-d BACK!!!’ You have to love Elizatbeth.

Went dancing last night and was really not in the mood. But was dancing near a friend of a friend – cutie boy named Jake. I didn’t even officially meet him but I did make eyes at him a few times. Nick looks at me and says: ‘Oh I know.’ I’m so easy to read.

I’m trying to lay hands on C_____’s laptop – the one she spilled Chardonnay on last week. You try to type and as the keys go in it makes crunchy sounds and the keys take a second to spring back. God she really doused this thing.

God, I want a Sony Vaio so bad I can taste it.






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