I Hate Blue Cross Blue Shield

I’ve been on COBRA since I got laid off in January and had since applied to pay for my own insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I got rejected for my liver. I have a high count on the enzyme bilirubin – also known as Gilbert’s Syndrome – this is a completely bening liver condition and I’ve known about it for years and years. I hadn’t even had a liver profile done since I moved to Chicago. I tried to get copies of my previous liver tests but my old doctor in Indiana had trashed the records since it was more than 7 years old.

The best part: my COBRA is with Blue Cross Blue Shield.







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  1. marianne Avatar

    And they deserve to be hated. After my ex (husband and business partner) summarily dropped our small business health insurance which left me without any health insurance, and took out a BC/BS individual policy for one of my kids that excluded “ADHD and any other psychiatric conditions” and was unable to get BC/BS to cover the other one because he had taken an anti-depressant I began to investigate this whole screwed up system.

    For myself, after they first tried to exclude anything that I had ever been treated for in my whole life, my agent was able to get them to un-exclude everything by raising my deductible for hospitalzation from $500 to $2500. My agent seems to think they would do the same thing for my ADHD son but that is all entangled with other divorce issues so it hasn’t been tried yet.
    Maybe you could try the higher hospitalzation deductible approach for them with your liver issue.

    The antidepressant issue seems to be a lost cause with all individual insurance…everyone takes them, but if you take them while covered by a group plan, then lose your group coverage, they won’t cover it with an individual policy. So…this leads to another possible solution: in Missouri (I don’t know about Illinois)you only need 2 people to get group (small business) insurance. If you can partner professionally with someone, or hire someone who also needs health insurance you can explore group policies which are less restrictive than individual policies….don’t ask me why. Good luck!

  2. Kat Avatar

    BCBS SUCKS!!!!! They used to be pretty decent nation wide, but not so much anymore.

  3. David Avatar

    They basically reject you if you’ve ever had anything wrong with you. My premium would be like a gazillion dollars, if they even accepted me. I saved the rejection letter I got from the 10 years ago. They rejected me because of a substance abuse problem I chose to get treatment for. If I hadn’t gotten treatment for it they would have accepted me. Make sense? Funny thing is, I now have them as part of a group policy with my company.

  4. Crackpot Press Avatar

    Health Net is just as Evil as Blue Cross…

    Check out the year and half of drama at http://www.crackpotpress.com

  5. RonTx Avatar

    I don’t think that it is only BC/BS. I think all the insurance companies are rolling out the big “F U all!”
    We are having to fight BCBS for every band aid our doctor puts on one of the kids. The big screw is really being cranked down more every day on the people of America. We are streaking downward to third world status. So brace yourself.


  6. markus Avatar

    I’ve been a GS (Gilbert’s Syndrome) sufferer for at least 10 years now as depicted by my billiruben tests (i’m now in my 40’s), but looking back I’ve had symptoms long before then. BCBS should not have declined you just because of GS. People with GS have a much smaller chance of developing heart disease due because the increased billiruben prevents the LDL cholesterol from sticking to your artiries.

    Several years ago, I increased my term life insurance policy; which required a complete physical exam. They saw my increased unconigated billi counts and questions these results. But this was easily overcome with a follow-up from my doctor…

    BCBS is wrong and should allow you to have your insurance without any questions.

    Good luck with your GS. Symptoms sometimes get worse with age, but can be controlled with proper diet and exercise.

    Check out: http://www.gilbertsweb.co.uk

  7. California Health Insurance Avatar

    It is unfortunate to hear you have been rejected for your medical needs. Health insurance is a major aspect and it should be covered by all means.

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