I Enjoy Seeing Paris Hilton Cry

And I know that makes me a terrible person.






6 responses to “I Enjoy Seeing Paris Hilton Cry”

  1. Charles Avatar

    That photo of her, made me giggle with glee. I printed out color copies and literally skipped around my very straight office handing them out.

    I flamed at work over that pic, that’s how damn happy it made me.

    And I don’t care if that makes me a bad person.

  2. JB Avatar

    Why should it make you a terrible person? She’s a foul excuse of a human being.

  3. Indiana Dan Avatar
    Indiana Dan

    It is sad when we get joy from other people mistakes.Rich or poor. Yes, she is a whinny little rich girl.The media should focus on problems in the middle east or demestic problems in our country.The invason of poor people form South America will have us all in tears……………………ID………

  4. Anonimouse Avatar

    Paris Hilton IS a domestic problem.

  5. Steven Vance Avatar

    It is that photo that helped me realize the great value of America’s paparazzi.

  6. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    Ah, poor Paris!

    Sad bastard that I am I was so overwhelmed with joy when she was made to serve her full sentence.

    So, apparently she said to Barbara Walters that “I won’t play stupid anymore!” PLAY???

    The girl appears to be clueless!!

    “Oh. Gee. I didn’t read that thing the mean old officer made me sign!”



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