I don't know if I've

I don’t know if I’ve posted this before – this guy hooked up AOL Instant Messager to the old ELIZA artificial therapist program: (keep in mind this guy is talking to a computer)

fortyeight: You’re Mom is cool, but I’m sure she didn’t like our Vegas excapade.
AOLiza: in what way?
fortyeight: Boy, If I ever drink that much again, I’d be pickled for life!!!!!!
AOLiza: what does this speculation lead to?
fortyeight: It leads to the fact that was a once in a lifetime trip. Don’t you remember?????
AOLiza: how could i forget?
fortyeight: If this is Kara, you sure do ask funny questions. Are you smokin’ a joint?????
AOLiza: what would you do if this is kara?
fortyeight: I’d like to get your address, so I could see your gorgeous body again
AOLiza: does talking about this bother you?
fortyeight: No, You’ve got one hot body.
AOLiza: i’m not sure i understand you fully.
fortyeight: Yes you do.
AOLiza: i understand.
fortyeight: You would put on that skimpy little dress and no panties.
fortyeight: I’d have wood all night long.
AOLiza: why do you say you’d have wood all night long?
fortyeight: Of course, then you’d chop my wood. Woooo doggies!!!!!!:-)






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