I Call Osama

Okay – I’m calling Osama Bin Laden being rolled out in the next 60 days. What do you guys think? I think we’ve had him for at least 3 months already and there will be a carefully staged media event of his ‘capture’. Place your bets.






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  1. sam Avatar

    I’ve read articles that Bush is pushing Musharraf to capture him before the election. I would place all bets on the “unveiling” to be at the beginning of the third week of October. The 14th if I must choose a day.

  2. J Avatar

    If they do “unveil” Osama just in time for Election Day, do you guys think the American public will bite the bait?

  3. kc Avatar

    It’ll be early in the week, so as to get maximum news coverage. Hmmm. I’ll say Oct. 18. What do we win? 🙂

  4. Andy Avatar

    Hmmm… I’m still deciding on a date. And trying to figure out how we can make a pool through PayPal.

  5. Jef Avatar

    After all the speculation that this will happen, you would think that the American public would not fall for something like that, but we all know they will.

    Personally, I’m surprised he didn’t pop out of a cake at the Republican Convention… in a Dale Evans swimsuit with fringe no less!

  6. Scott Avatar

    I think capturing Bin Laden is the last thing that Bush would want just prior to the election. Were he in US custody, there would be Americans held hostage by terrorists throughout the world who would demand his release and then kill when he was not. Americans being killed has resulted in an immediate drop of Bush’s approval rating.

  7. Tim Z. Avatar

    There were similar conspiracy theories floating about which had Osama being captured during the Democratic convention.

    Speaking of conventions, the Republicans hardly mentioned Osama or al-Qaeda at theirs. It’s as if they were conducting a “war on terrorism” without terrorists. Or they may have been trying to get voters to confuse the tragic farce in Iraq with the fight against al-Qaeda.
    If they were keeping Osama on ice, I think there would have been sone teasers about it at the convention. Instead, the fact that they avoided mentioning him means they think it is not a good idea to remind us that America’s most dangerous enemy is still at large.

    By contrast, Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, was captured less than two years after that event. By contrast, Osama is still free three rears after 9/11. Who says the Republicans have a better record on dealing with terrorists?

    I don’t know about bets and pools. But Andy, if you feel strongly about this, you should promise to do something silly on November 3rd if your prediction proves to be wrong.

  8. thom Avatar

    There will be the Afghanistan elections in October for them to play-up just in case.

  9. Andy Avatar

    I do grant that the words ‘Osama Bin Laden’ have been curiously absent from Bush’s speecher for over a year. For example he’s never mentioned Bin Laden in his three State of the Union addresses but mentioned Saddam 83 times. Maybe it’s a stretch but I don’t think he has to mentioned Osama. He just has to talk about terrorists and evildoers and our Pavlovian slobber is to immediately think Osama.

    Some consider the announcement of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani’s capture during the Democractic National Convention to be a July Surprise. The announcement came hours before John Kerry’s address.

    I’m already flip-flopping. If for some reason Bush’s numbers begin to sag or the race looks like a dead heat – I think they will reveal Osama. If not then I think that they’ll wait until the inauguration and roll him out like Han Solo in carbonite.

  10. Tim Z. Avatar

    There will be the Afghanistan elections in October for them to play-up just in case.

    President Bush could send Rep. Katherine Harris (R-FL) to Kabul next month just to make sure that the elections run smoothly.

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