I am so bored at

I am so bored at work right now. I’m burning 2 hours until we go to C_____’s goodbye dinner. She’s a sweeite and I’d love for her to be my aunt but working for her in the past few months had becoming increasingly stressful. Suddenly everybody is calling me to schedule pre-holiday dinners and lunches – maybe it is the snow that is making that happen. Went out to Caribou Coffee with Richard last night. I don’t like how he tries to reframe what I say and think. I know what I mean – I don’t need it said again. When I say I want to cut the fat out of my life and be more direct about establishing boundaries I know what I mean. Do I feel askew? I almost always feel askew. And it isn’t all because he and I are no longer dating. Our conversations – hell, my convsations with anybody anymore – seem so self-absorbed – notice how I don’t point that at my own doing. But then again I’m writing this in a web log so maybe I should just shut the hell up. Met the girl of my dreams on-line – she answered my straight personals ad. She’s beautiful, witty, likes David Lynch is independent minded and (in chat) a real ball. She does live in Orlando though but evidently visits Chicago frequently. I mentioned New Years Eve and she said she might be in the city. Of course this all means the worlds will collide once we have the Oh Yeah, I Date Guys Too discussion. I’m holding that off for a bit. And if she can’t deal with it then she can’t deal with it. I am so sleepy. The snow makes me so sleepy and tired. Going to try to roll-out fistpig.com and theslutreport.com before the end of the year. I just love doing these satire type sites. It’s fun.






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