I always seem to

I always seem to get so much more done when I go clubbing solo. Went to Roscoe’s and played smart boy wearing my glasses and drinking a brewski. Dan was there. Saw Ferdinand as well and (another) Dan – the Cambodian guy I dated last spring – he was an ex-gymnast and a total sweetheart but lived in the burbs. Jake was there – a guy I’d been scheming on for awhile. I went up to him and acted like I knew who he was and asked him how we was doing and blah blah blah… he didn’t seem very interested – we ended up in the line to get coats together and he was pretty whiny. I also noticed a high school ring on his finger. Yikes. (coulda been a college ring, I dunno) Lots of people falling down drunk at the end of the night (not me) – a lot of pissed off kidneys in da house and I still think there’s a fortune to be made in back-alley stomach pumps. N****** was on the platform on the dance floor and we finally got to dance and get our freak on – I’d never seen him at any other bar besides Circuit before. I danced behind him with one hand on his hips and one on his chest – moving my hips with his. Being sure to brush my unshaven chin against his neck every now and then – a little kissing but I figure we’ve been flirting for over two months so why rush things? He gave me his number on the way out – I was surrounded by a couple of girls in pleather dresses and feather boas. I think they were girls. Fell asleep fantasizing about fucking the hell out of N******’s tight brown body. Gave out lots of postcards for the show – Karen wants us all to put on bruises make-up on our faces and go out for a night on the town – that’d be SO fun. She and I just got back from Target where we were able to find nearly everything we needed for the shows including some Catholic schoolgirl skirts for the Bruises chicks.






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