HOWTO: Tell AT&T To Fuck Off

From Metafilter:

On the eve of its hearing on charges that it assisted in the government’s illegal spying on millions of Americans, AT&T, the largest phone company in the United States, has changed its privacy policy to clearly establish its ownership of its customers’ personal account information.

Because your records aren’t yours. They can do whatever they want with them. Including giving them to the NSA. Electronic Frontier Foundation is trying to keep the suit from being dismissed on the usual ‘well if we tell you how we spy on you then the terrorists have won’ line of crap.
No where did I put my tinfoil.



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2 responses to “HOWTO: Tell AT&T To Fuck Off”

  1. JB Avatar

    Isn’t that in breach of the Data Protection Act? Or is that purely a British thing?

  2. rainman Avatar

    cancel your contract and tell them why
    these people only respect money
    if at&t starts losing money they will listen

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