HOWTO: Save the Economy

A complete plan from a Reddit commenter:

-CCC/WPA 2.0: Direct federal job projects to build infrastructure through out the US. Roads, bridges, schools, libraries, police stations, firehouses, and big project like dredging and harbor construction. The jobs are organized using labor pools and working with unions. Young semi-skilled and unskilled labors can move from project to project all over the country for a period of up to 2 years. You commit to the corps and you get paid, fed, housed and get medical care. It's not a lot of money, but you're building trade skills and you're able to build savings as well. Like the CCC if you have family back home, a chunk of your check goes to them automatically if you want.

-Save the “White-collars”: Educate a million new teachers and fully fund them at living wages. Educate 150,00 new librarians and information professional. Provide debt relief and college-loan credits to computer science professionals who donate time to projects like setting up community computing centers, working with the elderly to get them online and teaching basic computer classes to kids and adults. Job retraining to skilled professions in demand as well.

Green Jobs: LEED certifiers, solar panel installation experts, wind-farm technicians, composting and urban gardening experts, biofuel reclamation, aqua-culture, hydroponic gardening. Jobs that did not exist 10 years ago in fields that will define the future. Get people trained for them, grow those fields and get ready for tomorrow.

How much will this cost? Next to nothing actually. Increase the highest end of the tax scale by 3%, reduce military expenditures, by 5%, pay for many of the initiatives using public/private partnerships and encourage participation through deferred tax incentives and access to bidding processes.

It's evil socialism of course. And the richest won't get richer so it will never happen.

via moifaux comments on Don’t worry, be happy! The state of the American “superpower”: 6500 people apply for 120 openings at Applebee’s. USA! USA! We’re #1!.






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