How to Spend Your Time in Jail

A formerly incarcerated Redditor gives advice to a guy about to head into the pen:

“OP, first, good luck to you. It’ll be the longest 6 months of your life. Some tips:

-Read a lot. Seriously, grab anything you can and read it. Even if its some crappy Harlequin story or some boring 600 page Russian novel. It’ll keep you busy because boredom will become your biggest enemy. 6 months feels like 6 years when you can literally hear each second ticking by in slow motion and you only have your thoughts and regrets to keep you company.

Your mom or dad might want to visit you. DO NOT LET THEM. Do something right for once in your life and don’t make your friends/family go to jail to visit you. Just talk to them on the phone. You will hate yourself forever if you have to think that your mom or dad had to stand in line waiting to get frisked before being allowed into the video conferencing room full of crack whores trying to talk to their locked up pimps.”

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Image is George Clooney emerging from prison at the start of Ocean’s Eleven.





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