How to Solve the Outsourcing Problem

I got it all figured out:

  1. Continue to prevent any sort of legislation that helps inform consumers of the enormous amount of debt they have and prevent any sort of caps on credit card fees.
  2. Remove protections for individuals that file for bankruptcy.
  3. More and more people drive themselves into debt and attempt to file bankruptcy.
  4. Bankruptcy filings are thrown out and the people are thrown into debtor’s prison.
  5. Private prison companies have built an entire network of debtor’s prisons to receive these deadbeats. This way any sort of abuse is kept under strategic non-disclosure agreements, free from FOIA requests.
  6. Debtor’s prisoners become forced laborers to bring manufacturing jobs back overseas. They are exempt from any sort of minimum wage.
  7. Profit!!! Profit for the large manufacturing corporations that are allied with the prisons. Profit for the private prison corporations. Profit for the companies that use the cheap labor.

Eventually these prisons start outsourcing service sector jobs to allow fast food companies as well as homemakers to take advanatge of this inexpensive, discounted, made-in-America labor.







5 responses to “How to Solve the Outsourcing Problem”

  1. palochi Avatar

    You’re not well, are ya? 🙂

  2. Andy Avatar

    Make no mistake: I’m all-singing, all-dancing, baby!

  3. Alan Avatar

    As they say in the Guinness commercials: “Brilliant!” A marvelous piece of social engineering. Frankly I can’t believe Karl Rove hasn’t already come up with this….are you sure it isn’t already part of the Patriot Act?

  4. Brad Avatar

    Speaking of credit cards and debt, if you want to see a great show on the credit card industry, check out this show …

  5. Andy Avatar

    I watched that Frontline – it was awesome!

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