How stupid: [Drew Barrymore] is

How stupid:

[Drew Barrymore] is now the subject of a for-credit course at Oberlin College in Ohio. Taught by students once a week as part of the school’s Experimental College, “The Life and Times of Drew Barrymore” will bring students together to watch a Barrymore movie and, afterward, discuss it.

What’s to discuss? The importance of her saying ‘back away back away’ in Firestarter compared to her getting it on with an older man in Poison Ivy. And can you imagine being one of the student-teachers – you’re actually gonna put that in your Curriculum Vitae?


[Robert Downey Jr.] reportedly checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend seeking treatment for depression after his recent arrest on drug charges, for which he could face six years in jail. Meanwhile, the actor’s plans to star alongside Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2 have reportedly been nixed. Stone said she cried when she heard the news.

You fucked up again Robert. Too bad you’re incredibly talented but can’t keep your ass of the drugs. And no he doesn’t deserve to be coddled becaue he is a gifted artist. He’s a human being like everybody else and if he can’t pay some assistant to keep him clean then fuck him.






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