Much to write and much to say but probably not immediately now. I’m back home from Santa Fe. I turned 31 on Sunday. The book party is on Sunday so I gotta clean this hellhole apartment up. I just started reading Kim’s book, Coaching Into Greatness. Also started reading Romanus’s book, Kick Start Your Success.

I finished American Theocracy just as the plane touched town in O’Hare last night and I have to say it is an exhaustive – and exhausting – read. Phillips takes us from the Roman Empire all the way to our present American exceptionalist imperialism and dissects the strains of energy, radical religion, military overreach and crippling debt on history’s many empires. I have a ton of notes to type out. The book seems very intimidating at first but if you take it in the three sections (oil, radical religion, debt) it is much more easy to read. I will say this: it’ll scare the shit out of you.

Ron is next to me snoring which is strange because I mandated Claritin at bedtime. I took one too and still woke up with a cement-filled skull.

The cat is a madman. He’s running at breakneck speed across the floor and hurling himself into the air, running sidewise along the edge of the bed, into the closet and back again. I think he’s happy to see us.






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