Holy Wood by Marilyn Manson

I’m in another one of those listen to songs repeatedly phases. This time with select songs from Marilyn Manson’s Holy Wood. I always like Suck’s analysis of Manson’s branding acumen. Maybe I have no taste… but I do like these few snatches of lyrics:

and I’m not a slave to a god that doesn’t exist
and I’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a shit


You’ll never grow up to be a big rock star
Celebrated victim of your fame
We’ll just cut our wrists like cheap coupons
and say that death is on sale today


and I’m a black rainbow
and I’m an ape of god
I got a face that’s made for doing violence upon (though I liked this better when I thought he was saying ‘violence and porn’)
I’m a teen distortion
survived abortion
a rebel from the waist down


we’re on a bullet
and we’re headed straight into god
even he’d like to end it too
we take a pill, get a face
buy our ticket
and we hope that heaven’s true
I saw a cop beat a priest on the TV
and they know they killed our heroes too


I saw priest kill a cop on the TV
and I know now they´re our heroes


we write our prayers on a little bomb
kiss it on the face and send it to god

I still find this music strangely fun – gleefully nihilistic and self-indulgent.






5 responses to “Holy Wood by Marilyn Manson”

  1. Amber Avatar

    Yes, suck hits the nail on the head. Thanks for the link. I am an old fan of MM.. I put it down though.. some great stuff though!

  2. Brian Avatar

    I don’t get Marilyn manson. I hope he goes away! Fuck You.

    [email address and phone number removed]

  3. Quinn Murdock (My Idol is Marilyn Manson) Avatar
    Quinn Murdock (My Idol is Marilyn Manson)

    How can you say that! Damn that pisses me off!
    He is the best, most coolest, kick ass Man on the face of this earth he’s my fucking IDOL!!!

  4. samir Avatar

    ROFL well Quinn please dont slip laxatives into ur wifes sweetie jar anytime soon rofl cos i think she might go ape shit on ur ass! lol that song is canny catchy but the lyrics are full of shit apart from the “’m not a slave to a world that doesn’t give a shit” kudos to him i think he understands world politics well enough!

  5. Sully Avatar

    Marylin Manson wrote about an event that i took part in and he realizes his view but i was also there and want to coment to him about the people behind at disney world waiting in the haunted mansions ride a few years back.

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