Hi Patrick and Omar

Met Patrick and Omar while I was out dining tonight. We talked theatre, blogs, Julia Cameron, architecture and other assorted topics. Hi guys!

  • Head cold subsiding
    • Jesus I’ve been mean all week.
    • Feel so much better.
    • Thank God since family visit starts on Saturday
    • Very Excited
  • Ron in Portland, Oregon.
    • Nothing to do.
    • Stumbles into Taste of Bali Indonesian restaurant.
      • Half the menu is Filipino (as are the owners)
      • Wife speaks Ilocano
        • Ron’s provincial dialect
      • Gets served every dish on the menu.
      • Including halo halo.
    • Packed full of rice and meat and working all nighter back to Chicago.






2 responses to “Hi Patrick and Omar”

  1. Jef Avatar

    I love Julia Cameron! If you were here, or I was there, we would discuss Julia Cameron… among other things.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    I’m a huge Julia Cameron fan too. Still kicking myself for turning down the chance to hear her speak and to meet her. What was I thinking?!

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