Trying desperately to stay awake.

The visit home to Meet the Parents went well – mom and dad seemed to like Ron and he had a good time listening to all of their stories and looking at all of my baby pictures.

I moved in this past weekend. The move went swiftly – about 2 hours. Though, I notice that no matter how long or short a move is – it doesn’t matter – the last quarter of it is always arduous. The friends helping you move are starting to get tired and you know that they are starting to resent you and how dare you have all of these possessions that we have to move? But that was all tied up with a trip to Leona’s for lunch.

Monday I was beset with panic that I have too much crap. I have too much stuff. I started thinking about all of this in the long term and came to the conclusion that I can either drag around all of this stuff with me for the rest of my life or I can make a clean break and get in the habit of living lightly. I have to get into the habit of having less. And I realized last night that I don’t have to un-pack everything in one day. I can go one box at a time. Who needs three frying pans? Five pots? And the clothing. I’m not particularly a fashionable guy but I have managed to amass a huge wardrobe – part of it too is that I didn’t have the winter stuff packed up or anything like that.

Does anybody think that the male finalist on American Idol looks like a total freak? I haven’t watched the show very much at all but to see him make it to the final duo – good God.

My first date with Ron was a year ago today – happy anniversary honey! Mahal kita!

The absolute best part of my new apartment is in three words: 24 HOUR WALGREENS. I am so stoked. 4 AM and I need an S.O.S. pad – hell yeah – it’s right next door. Plus, Dominicks is a ten minute stroll away. I love it. I can shop at a real grocery now – not the ghetto one from my old hood. I don’t miss my old neighborhood at all. And I never have to wait for the goddamn Clark bus again.

In all of my reading about the current state of the economy, it is amazing that it all came down to one question: should companies be able to count options as an expense on the balance sheet? That one point was the fulcrum that drived everybody to rally their stock up as far as it could go – who cared about the long term? – as long as I could cash out, right?

I have a headache. And sinus bullshit. Wah.

Ron and I did catch the matinee of Notorious C.H.O. and it was as funny watching it on film as it was in person. It is truly raunchy – but great fun.

The Baby-Carrot Scandal: (from The Bitter Shack of Resentment)

“[B]aby carrots” are not, in fact, baby carrots, but large carrots shaved down and shaped to look like infant carrots. I felt dumb for not having known and having been suckered by marketers into believing I was eating babies.






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